Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind they can change our world. – Buddha

I’ve only been a mom for three months. Yet in those three months I feel like I’ve learned so much about motherhood, life, love, myself, others, the world… you get it. I’m very aware I am on a life long journey where I will learn more than I can imagine right now. The road ahead of me is full of mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned. But today I stand in the discovery that I’ve changed. My daughter and all the experiences we have shared in three short months, have reaffirmed things I knew before and opened my eyes to so much more.

Throughout the past three months, more often than once, I’ve found my mind asking me “What can you learn from this?” Taking care of a newborn is a whirlwind. You have some crazy highs and even crazier lows. It is one of the most rewarding experiences life offers to us. I’ve realized you can either let it overwhelm and stifle you, or you can let it guide you and help you grow. I’ve chosen the latter.

If the Internet is for one thing; it is for sharing our moments. Our experiences, our struggles, our joys. So as a little “project” for myself, each week I will post a lesson I’ve learned since becoming a mother. I already have about 15 lessons running through my head right now, but I’m mindfully delaying sharing each lesson so I can make sure I get it right.

I would love your feedback. Challenging or supportive, I welcome it all. Maybe you have a lesson you would like to share? Let me know! I’m excited to have people read this blog who aren’t parents and see how the lessons we’ve learned apply to their lives too.

I’d like to make one thing very clear – I do not think I am a parenting expert, at all.
I’m just expressing myself.

I’m sure each of us can attest to feelings of isolation at times, regardless of how many friends we have online. And I’ve realized being a new mom can amplify that isolation incredibly. My intention is not only use this as an outlet to connect with other parents, but also as a way to simply share my experiences. As a way to process this amazing, difficult, miraculous new life I’m living.

My hope is perhaps one person will feel less alone, less overwhelmed or less insecure after reading one of these lessons. For what are we put on this Earth to do if not to lift each other up?

Please, join me on this journey.



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