You Are Strong

She made herself stronger by fighting with the wind. ― Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden

Sometimes we see something on social media that speaks to us. As if it was put on our News Feed just for us to see it. Maybe as a reminder, an affirmation, or a source of inspiration.

Today Bustle posted “21 Ways The Secret Garden Prepared Us for Adulthood” and I was reminded of one of my favorite musicals. Perhaps I loved The Secret Garden because the little girl had lost her parents, and I having lost my father could relate? Or perhaps I always got compliments on my eyes as a child and wanted the song ‘Lily’s Eyes’ to be about me?

Either way, Bustle’s post took me back, and reminded me so many things about life that I had almost forgotten.

Sometimes we go through things that we feel we have to keep hidden. Maybe for the sake of ourselves, maybe for the sake of others. But one of the things we can learn from The Secret Garden is that putting our true self out there, taking risks and having actual human experiences only makes us stronger.

If you are fighting a battle, in secret or not, please remember how strong you are. Don’t give up.

Don’t fight against the truth, accept your battle and fight with the wind.

All my love,


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