Good Morning

If you had talked to me a few years ago I would have told you I never eat breakfast. All I needed was a Diet Coke and I was set. Luckily I’ve seen the light, and I now understand a good start to my day is essential.

Before I went vegan/vegetarian I ate those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches like it was my job. Then I turned into a cereal girl. I only ate the “healthiest” options, or so I thought. (I’ll admit when I was pregnant I went through a Kix phase, who knows why.) I eventually landed on Special K Red Berries. Now, while Special K isn’t the worst cereal to eat, it is still processed and full of sugar.

These days, I’ve found a much better option that is easy and delicious. It is slightly more time-consuming than a bowl of cereal, but the health benefits make it SO worth it. Plus I’ve found taking the time to whip up a healthy breakfast is extremely relaxing. Instead of one hand on my spoon and one hand on my phone, I actually have time to clear my mind within the first twenty minutes of my day while I prepare my food.

Here’s a glimpse into my ‘Good Morning’ :

After I drink a glass of water, I have a cup of tea. This morning I enjoyed Yogi Green Tea Rejuvenation. Tea surprisingly makes me feel much better at the end of the day than a diet coke did 😉


This morning’s tea offered some wisdom, “Act, don’t react.”

Next I grab an avocado, a lemon and some salt & pepper. I cut open the avocado and add the insides to a bowl. Then I cut the lemon open and squeeze as much juice out of it as I can. Mindful to pick out any seeds that fall in!


You could also use a lime, I just have a lot of lemons because I like to add lemon wedges to my water.

Now for the fun part, I mash it all up! After about 30 seconds the mixture is a pretty spreadable consistency. I shake a little salt and pepper into the avocado mush to add more flavor. Then I spread it on some toasted bread and enjoy! One of these days (when I have more time) I plan on sprinkling some diced tomato, or sautéed mushrooms on top for a real treat 🙂


Trying out some gluten-free bread this week instead of my usual multi-grain.

Always nice to have a small cup of yummy blueberries on the side.



A few tips – After breakfast I scoop the avocado spread into a ziploc bag, flatten it to get all the air bubbles out and throw it in the fridge. This helps the spread last longer so I can use it for tomorrow’s breakfast! I like to keep the washed carton of blueberries in a little bowl in the fridge. It keeps them covered (while still allowing airflow) and makes them easy to snack on 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my ‘Good Morning’. I’m excited for Gigi to get a bit older and start eating real food so I can add her to my little routine, without the salt of course! How do you spend your mornings? Do you have any healthy rituals you practice to start your day? Let me know!

One thought on “Good Morning

  1. I usually do peanut butter on toast for breakfast but I LOVE your idea!! I never thought of avocado for breakfast, but what a great way to start the day. Also, I am so glad you shared your idea on how to keep the spread a little longer–I hate it turning brown so quickly. 🙂


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