Crazy People

A little over a month ago I looked at our spare bedroom and acknowledged that after living here for eight months, it was probably time for me to organize it. I was inspired by the idea that if you want to bring something new into your life you need to make space for it.

It took a whole day, but I went through all our “office” stuff that had accumulated over years of never living anywhere that had a designated “office” space. Lots of memories and hilarious papers I saved for who knows what reason, but after reminiscing for a minute or two I cleared it all out. While listening to a Gabrielle Bernstein talk on manifesting your dreams, I organized my book collection, found all my old yoga teacher training stuff and began to feel super energized.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I literally “got pregnant” with Gigi on the day of my yoga teacher training graduation. The years leading up to my teacher training, and obviously the year of it, I was obsessed with yoga. I remember I was looking to make a change in my job and Scott suggested I look for one at a yoga studio since I loved it so much. I typed ‘yoga’ into the search box on Craigslist and literally ONE listing came up. That listing led me to my amazing experience at Reach Yoga, which led me to becoming a yoga instructor. To say that yoga is my star-crossed lover would be an understatement.

When I found out I was pregnant (which was a completely welcomed surprise) my hot and heavy love affair with yoga abruptly ended. Not because I believe women have to give up everything they love for their children, but because I couldn’t ignore that every ounce of my mind, heart and soul wanted to be devoted to my baby. Yoga seemed secondary to this tiny human being I was trusted with bringing into this world. I followed my instincts and devoted myself to my family.

We had Gigi and our lives became filled with more love and light than I ever could have imagined. Then we were lucky enough to get pregnant with Zeke as soon as we started trying, and he brought even more love to our world. I honestly feel I have grown so much as a woman just by becoming a mother. I’ve learned so much about myself during this phase of my life. I’ve been able to grow and evolve in a way I never could have if I wasn’t at home devoting myself to my family.

So anyways, I found myself in my fresh and clean, perfectly organized office space. I had taped a piece of paper to the wall above my desk. On New Years Scott and I wrote down mantras that would guide our 2016. The piece of paper taped to the wall said,

Follow your soul. Go for it. Family sticks together.

I looked at the paper, at all my past yoga memorabilia and I couldn’t deny the desire I felt to teach yoga again. The desire to contribute to my family’s life in a different way than I had been the past two years.

Immediately the doubts began to creep in. What was I going to do? All my yoga contacts were either in the city or the North Shore. There was no way I could have that long of a commute. The yoga community doesn’t know me out here. Who is going to hire someone who has been pregnant for two years? They are going to look at me and see I’m not as ‘in shape’ as other teachers.

But guess what? Only Love is Real, this I know for sure. When fearful thoughts start creeping in, I acknowledge them, send them on their merry way and guide the loving thoughts back into view. I still didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew the Universe, God and my Angels had plans for me and my family. They’ve always had my back, it wouldn’t be any different now.

A few weeks passed, I updated my blog, started a LinkedIn account and began brainstorming ideas on how to get back into yoga. A thought came to me as I pulled into my driveway one day. Sitting with both kids in the car I sent a quick message to an incredible woman named Nichole. She owns a studio in West Dundee called Radiant Heart Yoga.

I went to Radiant Heart during and after my pregnancy with Zeke. I cannot express how much it meant to me. It literally became a support group in a way. Yes we did yoga, but some days we would talk for fifteen minutes about our pregnancies, our worries, our stresses. A group of women going through the same thing and being able to share their experiences with each other is a powerful thing.

But I’ll get back to all that good stuff in a bit.

So I sat in my driveway and sent Nichole a message on Facebook. I let her know I was re-committing myself to my yoga practice, I told her of my past experience working at a yoga studio, etc, and let her know if she ever needed any help I would love to work with her. Click. Send. Woosh. I was unattached to the outcome. I put my good intentions out there, whatever I got in return is what I got.

An hour and a half later, she responded, ” So funny you message me right at this time! In a good way! Can we talk in a few…”

Long and complicated story short; Nichole is moving, and she presented me with the opportunity to take over the studio space. She didn’t want to just close the place all these amazing women had grown their families in. She wanted to give someone a chance to open up their own space, to pick up where she was leaving off. She remembered me mentioning my mom and aunt owning Color Me Mine. When I messaged her about my experience in the yoga world she took it as a sign that she could trust the space to me. She thought since I had seen my mom run a business I would know what it takes.

I told her not only does my mom own her own business, so does my husband. In fact he owns and operates four, almost five. In fact, he has been opening stores for different companies the past seven years.

I told her, “You are telling this to the right person. The right crazy person.”

Scott and I did a lot of soul-searching. We had to make sure this was smart and safe for our family. Not to mention this was all happening at a whirlwind speed, over the course of only a few days.

And since I am a crazy person who just happens to be married to another crazy person…

I’m opening up a yoga studio.

I’m grateful to announce that after a brief transition period in June,  ohmMother Yoga will officially open on July 1st.

The studio will be focused on prenatal yoga, yoga for babies/kids/families and women’s yoga. I’m planning to add my energy & style to the space and really grow the already amazing community. ohmMother will continue to be the safe, comfortable and judgement free space Radiant Heart was. Like I mentioned before, the yoga studio meant so much to me during my pregnancy with Zeke. I want every pregnant mama to feel the support I felt during my pregnancy, and after. Especially after. I started this ohmMother blog two years ago as a way to share my experience being a new mom with Gigi. I was able to combat the isolation I felt with meditation, mindfulness and yoga. I want every mother to have those tools at their disposal. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to continue to share yoga with women, mothers and their children.

Grateful is really the only way to explain how I feel right now. Grateful to Nichole for trusting me with the space and environment she built over the years in Radiant Heart. Grateful to my husband for being my partner, for believing in me, for being the right kind of crazy and for always, ALWAYS supporting to me. Grateful to the Radiant Heart community for existing, and hopeful they might accept ohmMother as their new home for mind, body and soul bliss.  Grateful, obviously, to yoga.

More importantly, I am grateful for every female business owner who took me under her wing. From Swirlz Cupcakes, to the medical spa in the Gold Coast, to multiple managers at Homemade Pizza Co, to my own mother and Aunt at Color Me Mine, and to Reach Yoga. I’ve been lucky enough to work along side some of the bravest women out there, and I am forever indebted to them. I am grateful I’ve been able to watch my sisters and sister-in-laws balance their family and work lives everyday with grace, strength and courage. I am grateful I’ve been able to see women take charge of their careers, follow their passions and own their own freakin’ businesses. Because of them, when someone came to me and said “Can you open a yoga studio?”, I said yes.

More details will emerge as time goes on, my blog will become a side project for the studio website itself, .  As you can see if you clicked on that link,  I am literally at square one.

If you could say a little prayer for me, I’d appreciate it 😉

I’m optimistic for the future of ohmMother Yoga and for my family. Cross your fingers friends, this is happening!



4 thoughts on “Crazy People

  1. I’m so happy this opportunity came up for you. I know your passion for what you do will make this dream come true. You are a yoga and mindfulness inspiration to me, and you will be the same for so many others!!!


  2. Liz! I’m so happy you are following your passion! Every time I read your blog I am so blown away by the woman you have become! I’m so happy you were my kids favorite babysitter way back when! Yoga is a business of love and dedication. so happy you will be sharing your love with so many! Best of luck! Namaste!


    • Thank you ! I have yoga in my life because of you, I still remember you giving me advice on how to stand when I had that seasonal job as a greeter at Borders 🙂 XO


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