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Happiness comes from… some curious adjustment to life.”

Hugh Walpole

A little over two months ago we added a gorgeous little man to our family. Zeke arrived in this world two days before Thanksgiving as the sweetest little cherry on top of a crazy year. We spent the holidays snuggling and soaking up every ounce of love around us that we could. We saw family, had visitors, went to holiday parties – it was a fun little blur of togetherness I’ll never forget.

Amidst all the goodness, reality quickly set in for Scott and I. We have two kids now. Two! What were we thinking? We started saying “the kids are sleeping” or “we have to get the kids ready.” Kids. With a ‘S’. Because we have more than one kid, we have two kids. It was kind of unbelievable because I was sure I was going to be pregnant forever (I’ll explore that idea in another post), but we really had two kids.  Continue reading

Be Present

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. – Edward Everett Hale

I have been writing this post for a few weeks it seems. Well, technically I wasn’t writing anything down, it was all in my head. But I’ve had the intention of writing this post for weeks, that much I know. I just haven’t had the energy, the inspiration or the desire to actually sit down and get this all out. Tonight my house is quiet, I’ve made myself a cup of chamomile tea and I’m getting to work.

You see, Gigi is starting the teething phase. And while I can’t exactly blame Gigi teething for my lack of posting, it is definitely a contributor. All my energy was going to trying to help her feel better. I tried almost every ‘remedy’ I could find. Tylenol and those dissolving teething pellets didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Out of all the chewy teether thingies I bought her, I’ve narrowed it down to the two she loves the most. Sophie the giraffe is a regular in the rotation obviously. I even ordered her one of those amber necklaces (with a matching bracelet for me of course) in a moment of despair.

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