Good Morning

If you had talked to me a few years ago I would have told you I never eat breakfast. All I needed was a Diet Coke and I was set. Luckily I’ve seen the light, and I now understand a good start to my day is essential.

Before I went vegan/vegetarian I ate those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches like it was my job. Then I turned into a cereal girl. I only ate the “healthiest” options, or so I thought. (I’ll admit when I was pregnant I went through a Kix phase, who knows why.) I eventually landed on Special K Red Berries. Now, while Special K isn’t the worst cereal to eat, it is still processed and full of sugar.

These days, I’ve found a much better option that is easy and delicious. It is slightly more time-consuming than a bowl of cereal, but the health benefits make it SO worth it. Plus I’ve found taking the time to whip up a healthy breakfast is extremely relaxing. Instead of one hand on my spoon and one hand on my phone, I actually have time to clear my mind within the first twenty minutes of my day while I prepare my food.

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